Drug Delivery Device Design

Custom Aerosol Device Design, Combination Devices, Dry Powder Inhalers, Thermal or Piezo Devices

CFD InhalerARE Labs can help refine your current aerosol delivery device or provide a custom aerosol device design.  We can design a unique custom aerosol delivery device tailored to your specific needs and performance requirements.  Whether you have pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals or nootropics we can provide custom aerosol device design specific to your needs.  Our experienced mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers can design unique device utilizing standard pneumatic jet-nebulizer techniques or more exotic aerosolization methods such as piezo-electric/piezo-mesh, electrohydrodynamic, thermal and hydraulic methods.  The choice of methods depends upon your specific delivery targets, mass rates, drug properties and level of technical innovation desired for the new product.

Our engineering department has a broad range of services and skills to assist in aerosol device design.  This includes full CAD design, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling, in-house rapid prototyping, electrical board design and integration and of course…our full testing facilities.  This complete in-house process gives us clear advantages that no other engineering company can offer, this coupled with our decades of experience in the field aerosol sciences provides a clear advantage to our clients.

Let us provide custom aerosol device design for delivery of solutions, dry powders or suspensions to the alveolar or nasal mucosal targets.

ARE Labs can design a unique platform for your aerosol drug delivery solution.   Let us help provide a custom delivery platform for your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or nootropic.

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Jet Nebulizers


Standard pneumatic (air assist) Jet-nebulizers are typically used for alveolar delivery of drugs usually in the 2.0-4.0um size range.  Unique nebulizer designs that allow the device to perform under a variety of flow rates is a key to consistent respirable drug delivery.

Piezo Nebulizers

Ultrasonic Nebulization

Ultrasonic nebulization typically involves a piezo disk or piezo mesh  vibrating at very high frequencies (50-100 kHz) to aerosolize a solution or suspension.  One key advantage of ultrasonic aerosol generation is the lack of a needed compressed air source.  As reliability improves it is envisioned that most devices will use this method in the future.


Electrohydrodynamic Nebulization

Uses high potential electrical driver for generation of aersols.  this method uses no moving parts and works on the principle of the liquid maximizing surface area and reducing surface electrical charge density.

Pneumatic Spray

Pneumatic Nebulization

Typically for nasal mucosal delivery, less energy required.  however unique systems can be developed for alveolar when sources of electrical or compress air are limited.

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ARE Labs can provide custom pharmaceutical formulation development for optimal respiratory deposition of various API’s.  Whether it is a solution, suspension, or dry powder we can help.


ARE Labs can provide testing for your custom formulation in off-the-self and custom designed devices