Vaccine Efficacy Studies

Inhalation Vaccine Study

ARE Labs has personnel with experience in performing complete aerosol delivery system development and testing for the exposure of various non–human animal models for testing of vaccines against an array of biological threat aerosols. Experience includes specializing in LD50 determination, vaccine efficacy against LD50 equivalent aerosol challenge doses of toxins, and multiple pathogenic organism challenges including anthrax, plague, and influenza.

Inhalation Vaccine StudyAlthough we do not yet have the infrastructure required to lead vaccine efficacy studies, we can help setup a custom exposure system, characterize and validate it, deliver the system, write SOP’s, train your staff and conduct the exposures at your facilities.  Our services will give allow you to conduct your vaccine efficacy study in-house and expand your capabilities.

ARE Lab’s staff have decades of experience with controlled exposures for vaccine efficacy studies and have worked with a large variety of BSL2 exposure testing, BSL3 exposure testing and chemical surety agent exposures for vaccine efficacy testing.

ARE Lab’s can provide you all aspects of biological and chemical exposures for your vaccine efficacy study program

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We Can Expand Your In-House Capabilities

Exposure Specialties

ARE Labs experience in controlled pathogenic exposures allows for the assessment of the efficacy of your vaccine against inhalation threats.  Determination of LD50’s, group exposure levels assessments and conducting the exposure dosing for various groups.  Our systems can be designed for any animal model and exposure levels down to 10-20 cfu/pfu per animal.

  • Nose-only, Head-only and whole-body exposure systemsSpecialties
  • In-vivo vaccine efficacy studies
  • LD50 testing and Dose Group Selection
  • Aerosol liquid, powder and vapor challenge exposures

ARE Labs can give you full in-house control of your vaccine efficacy study as a sub-contractor who will design, validate, deliver, train and oversee/conduct all exposures at your dedicated facilities.

Full Evaluation of Vaccine Performance

Challenge Bio-aerosols: Pathogenic Bacteria, DNA & RNA viruses, chemical surety agents