Inhalation Exposure Systems

Custom Systems for Any Application

Custom Exposure SystemsOur scientists and engineers have extensive experience in designing, characterizing and testing custom aerosol systems for inhalation toxicology studies that are designed and scaled for efficient generation, delivery, sampling, and measurement of test aerosols and vapors. We can provide your company with support in aerosol and vapor test system development, and training of personnel in the operation and characterization of commercially available aerosol exposure and test systems, or custom in-house designed systems to fit your specific needs.

Custom Exposure Systems

Systems are available for whole-body, head-only and nose-only systems for a variety of different animal models.   We can also custom design a system specific to your project requirements.  Customizations such as aerosol generation device, particle monitors, sampler systems and integrated dilution systems for simultaneous dosing at various concentration from a single generation source

Systems can be configured in multiple ways: standard multi-port turret design, custom linear exposure systems for ease of viewing all animals simultaneously.  Fell free to give us a call and tell us your “dream” system features and we will be happy to design a system around your requirements.

We will deliver an Inhalation Exposure System specific to your studies’ needs, not a system that the study has to adapt to.

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Customized for your Study

Systems are designed and assembled for your specific requirements not the other way around

Custom Aerosol Generator Selection (Dry powder and Liquid)

Precise Dosing controls (our systems can deliver 20 cfu into a mouse model)

Integrated Particle Concentration Meters

Standard Turret or Linear Exposure Systems

Small & Large Animal Models

Multiple Dose Groups Simultaneously

Give us your requirements and we will give you your dream system

Challenges for liquid and dry powder aerosols, vapors, inhalation and even ocular exposures.


  • Inhalation exposure studies
  • Vaccine Efficacy Programs
  • Drug development
  • eCigarette and cigarette studies
  • Infectious disease studies
  • Intranasal and respiratory therapies
  • Highly toxic agent studies
  • Pesticide research


  • Available in open and closed varieties
  • Range of sizes to accommodate multiple ages and species
  • Industry Standard Port Size
  • Chemical and temperature resistant
  • minimize re-breathing
  • front view for animal observation
  • validated
  • Unique single-row Design
  • view all animal simultaneously unlike turret based systems
  • upto 24 ports per segment
  • stackable upto 96 ports or greater
  • Dose concentration uniformity better than 3% across all ports
  • Diluter System for exposing 3 different aerosol concentration simultaneously from a single aerosol challenge source

System Features

  • Whole-body exposure systems
  • Nose-only exposure systems
  • Head-only exposure systems
  • Unique single-row Design
  • Liquid aerosol
  • Dry powder aerosols
  • Sub-micron exposures
  • Biological exposures
  • DNA / RNA therapies
  • Wide Range of Animal Models
  • Negative pressure to ensure aerosol containment
  • Validated
  • Custom Inhalation Exposure Systems