Inhalation Toxicity Studies, Exposure Systems and Vaccine Efficacy Studies

Eye SpriralARE Labs specializes in inhalation toxicology testing for EPA and FDA compliance for evaluation of industrial compounds, pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes and biological and chemical materials that need inhalational lethality and toxicity assessments.  We have extensive experience in government and Industrial aerosol toxicity testing to evaluate lethal dose and exposure limits through acute, chronic and subchronic inhalation toxicity studies.  We have expertise in whole-body, head-only and nose-only exposure system design, characterization, and program development, execution and management.

ARE Labs is a key provider for inhalation toxicology studies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and consumer clients.  We support a wide variety of projects such as vaccine efficacy, testing for inhalational delivered of drugs, agrochemicals, governmental agencies and more recently e-cigarettes and associated consumer delivered inhalation products.  Our services include OECD – Test No. 403 Acute Inhalation Toxicity, OECD – Test No. 412 Subacute Inhalation Toxicity 28-Day Study, OECD – Test No. 413 Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity 90-day, OECD – Test No. 436 Acute Inhalation Toxicity, 40 CFR 799.9346 – 90-day inhalation toxicity Studies.

Some of our Inhalation Toxicology Related Services

Inhalation Toxicology Studies

Acute, Chronic, and Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity Studies

Vaccine Efficacy Studies

Controlled Inhalation Challenge of pathogens for Vaccine Efficacy Studies

Custom Exposure Systems

Custom Exposure Systems for Universities, Laboratories and Research Facilities