Teaming agreements & Sub-contracting for Special Research Programs

121127_pentagon_rtr_605Here at ARE Labs we have some of the best engineers and scientists in the field of aerosol science and design engineering.  Our engineers are composed aerosol scientists, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers and  extensive backgrounds in working on governmental programs.  Not only are our engineers and scientist some of the brightest and best in the field but they are accustomed to “thinking outside of the box” when it comes to developing unique solutions to extremely challenging programs.  We are accustomed to developing new concepts, methods and ideas to solve seemingly impossible tasks.

Our modeling and simulation expertise allows our engineers to evaluate initial design concepts before a single design component is assembled.  This approach allows for simulating multiple design/solution concepts and downselecting the top performers before committing a large amount of  resources to a concept that may show to have critical flaws later on.   Risk mitigation is a critical component to the successs of special programs and our approach and expertise add significantly to the likelihood of success.

ARE Labs is proud to team with other large and small contractor to pursue special programs offered by DOD, DARPA, DTRA, NRO, NOAA and other governmental agencies.  Our specialties include aerosol generation, collection, detection, bioaerosols, reaction kinetic, high energy applications, atmospheric, device design, modeling & simulation and testing.  If you have a project that can use technical experts in the field of aerosol science we would be more than happy to discuss a possible teaming agreement.

Expertise and Experience in Special Research Governmental Programs 

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