Particle Size Analysis, Mass Spray Rates, Plume Geometry, Viscosity Testing

ARE Labs can support spray nozzle characterization testing and actuator performance characterization testing for your company .   We have experience and instrumentation to support full characterization testing to evaluate the performance of precision hydraulic and pneumatic spray nozzles and actuators.  We provide complete testing support of spray nozzles to define  droplet size distribution, spray pattern, plume geometry, velocity, spray reproducibility, spray rate testing  and pressure and flow characteristics.

We support intra and inter-lot characterization testing of spray nozzles and actuators to measure manufacturing quality control tolerances in spray characteristics.   For variable operation spray nozzles, we can also conduct testing to measure the maximum operating performance conditions for your specific application.

For particle size distribution measurements of nozzles, we typically utilize a Malvern Mastersizer with a size distribution measurement range of 0.1 to 1000um.  The Mastersizer provides an unimpeded  path for the measurement of aerosols and sprays, and is an industry standard for measuring the spray characteristics of spray devices.  We can measure spray nozzle discharge velocities and plume spray discharge angle with a High Speed Camera with 16,000 frames-per-second capability adapted with a millimeter graduated backdrop.

For pressure and flow rate testing, we utilize calibrated digital air flow meters and pressure monitors.  Our focus is to provide our clients with accurate test and evaluation assessment of their spray nozzle characteristics.  Test results and raw data files are provided with a comprehensive report describing test procedures for each study.  If you have a need for our services to help support your spray nozzle or actuator testing, please give us a call.

If you need spray nozzle testing ARE Labs Inc. can put together a testing protocol to obtain the critical data needed to validate your precision device under a wide variety of operating parameters.

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Evaluating Spray Nozzle Performance

We can perform many types of test specific to your products needs

 Particle Size Analysis

 Mass Spray Rates

 Variable Actuations, Pressures & Stroke measurements

 High Speed Evaluation

 Spray Angle Testing

 Velocity Measurements

 Comparison with Competitor’s Products

 ASTM and ISO Testing Standards

 Spray Pattern Testing

 Fluid Viscosity Effects


 Real-world Simulations

 Plume Geometry Testing

Testing to Give you Confidence in Your Product’s Performance

ASTM Standards • cGLP compliant • ISO Standards