Filter Efficiency Testing, Filter Breakthrough Testing, Accelerated Aging Studies, Biological Filtration and Sterility Testing

ARE Labs provides a whole line of filtration testing to HEPA, specialty, laboraotry, PPE and particle sperator filtration devices.  We can provide filter penetration testing, particle break through testing, pressure drop & loading testing, biological filtration effeciency and sterility testing.

Challenge testing for filters can be conducted with a wide-variety of materials such as inter material, polystyene latex beads (PSL’s), Arizona road dust and fluorescent tracer materials.  Filter testing can also be performed with biological, chemical and radiological challenges for custom applications and materials.

Accelerated aging studies are offered here at ARE Labs which compare filtration performance over time to determine degredation of fabrics and materials over time to help determin acceptible storage lengths and conditions for your filtration material.  Additionally our experts can set up custom testing protocols and methods to give you insight into your product under a varirty of load conditions to mimic application specific designed filtration devices.

We provide Filter Testing and Filtration Testing for any material and device with a wide-variety of challenge aerosol materials.

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Filtration Performance Testing

We can perform many types of tests specific to your product’s needs

→ Filter Breakthrough Testing

 Filter Efficiency Testing

 Accelerated Aging Testing

 Loading and Pressure Drop Testing

 Biological Filtration Testing

 Sterility Testing

 Filter Characterization Testing

 Poly Styrene Latex Beads

 Arizona Road Dust

 Biological Challenges

 Chemical Challenges

 Radiological Challenges

 Custom Materials Challenges

 Fabric Breakthrough Testing

 Antimicrobial Fabric Testing

 PPE Equipment Testing

 Custom Applications

 Cyclones and Electrostatic Precipitator Testing

HEPA Filter Testing

→ Filter Characterization Testing

→ Filter Challenge Testing

Testing for any Application to any Standard

ASTM Standards • cGLP compliant • ISO Standards

HEPA Filters

HEPA Filter Testing

Testing HEPA filters with a wide range of available material challenges.  Inert material such as polystyrene Latex Beads (PSL’s), Arizona road dust, biological or chemical challenges.

Laboratory and Specialty Filters

Laboratory and Specialty Filter Testing

Application-specific Testing for custom specialty filters under many different scenarios.  Biological, chemical and radiological filter testing.  Break-through and loading characteristics and sterility testing.

Cyclones and Separators

Efficiency Testing for Cyclones and Particle Separator Technologies

WE can perform a wide variety of testing for particle separators such as cyclone testing, electrostatic precipitators and other unique particle technologies.  Testing can be performed against solid particle and custom sticky particles to see the effects of particle materials on the separator’s performance.

PPE Filters and Fabrics

PPE and Frabric Penetration Testing

PPE filter and fabric penetration testing for any application of PPE gear.  Accelerated aging studying to show longevity of the PPE against its performance.  Also be sure to see our dedicated PPE testing page for additional info.