Particle Size Analysis, Accelerated Aging Studies, Plume Geometry, Respirable Mass Measurements


ARE Labs provides a whole line of testing to evaluate consumer and industrial aerosol spray cans.  Our testing line-up is designed to evaluate and to optimize your product’s performance.  Standard testing includes particle size testing, mass spray rate testing, plume geometry and spray pattern analysis.  These tests are used to ensure that your product is performing as intended and also to evaluate the variability of the can nozzle , can valves and the fill uniformity.

More advanced testing includes measurement of respirable mass output from your device.  Aerosol devices that produce aerosols below 10um in diameter have a potential for being inhaled and depositing in the alveolar regions of the lung causing potential harm to the user.  We can test your product to find out if there is a potential inhalation risk to the user and help to solve the issue by selecting new nozzles or propellant.

Accelerated aging studies are offered here at ARE Labs and they are designed to help select an appropriate shelf-life for your product.  Using an accelerated aging study we can simulate 2 years of room temperature storage in about 3 months.    At defined intervals (using 6 months) testing is performed and any deterioration in performance is noted and recorded.  Typical tests are designed to address physical changes  and chemical changes in your product over time.

If you need biological decontamination testing ARE Labs Inc. can put together a testing protocol to obtain the critical data needed to validate the efficacy against a wide variety of biologically infectious agents.

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