Particle Size, Plume Geometry, Spray Patterns, Accelerated aging Studies & Custom Testing for all Commercial and Industrial Products

Eye Spriral

Nozzles for bottles, canisters, and sprayers need to be to be rigorously evaluated for specific use for home or industrial applications. A few of these applications include Paints, cleaning compounds, solvents, lubricants, and cosmetics. We have the capability to perform repetitive spray nozzle and pressurized canister aerosol characterization testing including mass output, delivery reproducibility, and particle size distribution analysis.

We also evaluate multiple intra and inter-lot aerosol characteristics to assess manufacturing reproduction quality and also provide aerosol characterization testing and assessment of prototypes. Unbiased head to head comparison testing and operational optimization testing of nozzles from multiple vendors can also be performed to enhance the development, cost effectiveness, and maturation of your product.

Some of our General Aerosol Testing Services