Technology Spotlight – DTI’s Pure Water System

Technology Spotlight – DTI’s Pure Water System

Sep 21, 2015

Distillation Technologies Incorporated has made substantial progress with their patented aerosol distillation technology.  This unique technology uses aerosol in a vacuum chamber to increase mass transfer and speed the separation of ethanol from mixtures for emergency water purification processes.

ARE Labs was proud to provide modeling support and general engineering support to DTI Inc. for their Aerosol Purification System and Aerosol Ethanol Separation System.  We congratulate DTI Inc. on there recent advancement and partnership with Easy Energy Systems Inc. to construct a pilot scale plant to demonstrate the Aerosol Ethanol Separation System and hope to continue to support their engineering needs as they advance  their technology.  DTI’s novel technology and discussion of the partnership with Easy Energy System is featured in an Ethanol Producer Magazine feature article dated June 23, 2015.

DTI technology relies an a vacuum aerosol separation process.  The inherent advantage of such a system is that mass transfer is enhanced several orders of magnitude compared with other preparatory processes due to the large surface area to mass ratios that aerosols offer.  This is further enhanced by dissolving as stream into the high pressure feed system.  The initial aerosol produced 20-40 microns then further breaks apart into micro and sub-micron particle due to the rapid expansion of the dissolved gases which are now exposed to several Torr pressures.  DTI’s patented process allows for instantaneous liberation of volatile compounds within the aerosol droplet.  ARE Labs provided various engineering level tasks in support of the DTI system including: chemical reaction modeling, process modeling, CFD analysis, pressure-temperature vapor equalibrium measurements, economic modeling and other various efforts.

For further information about Distillation Technologies Incorporated or their unique vacuum aerosol distillation process feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with the executives at DTI Inc.

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