PPE_300pxPersonal Protection Equipment testing is crucial for emergency responders, military and other fields in which personnel have to work in a hazardous or dangerous environment. Personal Protection Equipment is the first line of defense in protecting individuals and testing must be performed to ensure the equipment is functioning as intended.  Here at ARE labs we can provide a variety personal protective equipment testing configurations to ensure people are protected. We offer testing such as: biological & chemical resistance testing, break-though, filtration efficiency testing, and penetration testing is a number of various configurations designed to mimic the real-world Personal Protection Equipment testing application.

Our expertise in characterization testing of biological aerosols, chemical aerosols and chemical vapor can test your equipment to existing or rigorous custom designed standards.  Testing can be conducted on fabric swatches, filters individually or using our aerosol testing chamber complete whole-body applications and man-in-box scenarios with ventilated mannequins.

Our engineers can set up specific testing systems and applications specific to your needs.  Our team can provide a wide range of challenge aerosols and vapors to measure your PPE efficacy against a wide range of threat scenarios:  vegetative bacteria, DNA & RNA viruses, biological chemical warfare surrogates and tracer testing. PPE testing can show challenge concentration & particle sizes, penetration, filtration efficiency, fabric break-though and any one of numerous data set that pertain specifically to your application.

If you need Validated Data for the Efficacy of your Specialty Gear & Equipment Against a Wide Variety of Biologically Infectious and Chemical Agents ARE Labs can Help.

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Evaluating Personal Protective Equipment

Testing your equipment against multiple bioaerosol and chemical simulants for broad scenario validation

 Swatch or Full Exposure Testing in our Aerosol Test Chamber

 Challenge Testing for Vapor & Aerosols

 Biological & Chemical Resistance Testing

 Validation of PPE and Breakthrough Time

Full Evaluation PPE Performance

Breakthough and Peneration Rates, Filtration Efficiency, Whole-body Exposures, Limitations of Device

  • Bioaeorosol Testing
  • Chemical Aerosol & Vapor Challenges
  • Biological & Chemical Resistance Testing
  • Swatch and Filter Testing
  • Whole-body Testing
  • Chemical surrogates
  • Breakthrough and Penetration Testing
  • Lifetime and Aging Studies
  • Military PPE testing