Chemical Aerosol Testing

Chemical Aerosol testing for a variety of application is available at ARE Labs Inc.  We specialize in building unique and custom test apparatus to gather the pertinent data that you require for your project.  Chemical aerosol and vapor challenging is critical for numerous application such as: chemical detector and analyzer equipment, PPE equipment, collection & generator performance evaluation and aerosol tracer studies.

ARE Labs’s engineers have extensive experience designing and building custom chemical aerosol testing and challenge systems for a wide range of industries.  Our team of experts can give you precisely the data that your sensitive applications require, additionally also see our aerosol and vapor exposure chamber for large scale exposures.  We have experience in building custom exposure systems for sensitive mass, FTIR and raman spectrometers.  Chemical detector and analyzer equipment can be challenged with parts-per-billion accuracy to evaluate performance, positive and false-positive detection rates.

ARE Labs is a GLP compliant laboratory and can design a specific challenge and testing protocol for your project to gather critical data in an efficient manner.   No one has more experience in chemical aerosol testing.  For more information feel free to call or leave a message on our contact page.

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We can Provide Custom Chemical Aerosol Testing for any application: Detection, Triggering, Break-though, Full-scale Chamber Testing and Numerous other Applications.

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Chemical Aerosol and Vapor Testing
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Custom Challenge Test for Chemical Aerosol & Vapor Programs

  • Multiple Applications
  • Chemical Surrogates and Tracers
  • Full Mass Balance of System

Chemical Aerosol Testing at ARE Labs

 Aerosol Detector Testing
Aerosol Collection Testing

Chemical Decontamination Testing

Chemical Surety agent Toxicity

Chemical Generation System Testing

Specialty Application Testing

Emitted Aerosols and Vapor Studies

Inert Fluorescent Tracer Studies

Chemical and Vapor Breakthrough

PPM and PPB Vapor Challenges

Chemical Collection method Quantification

Chemical Aerosol Removal Testing