dreamstime_5984460We can provide a wide range of services related to biological testing and bioaerosol (aerobiology) testing.  There is a growing concern for hospitals and laboratory devices which could produce and release hazardous bioaerosol which may cause transmission of disease to patients, hospital staff or laboratory researchers.  Our staff can design custom test protocols to determine if there is a risk and if a risk is found exactly how to mitigate the risk with minimal design changes.

Whether you have a device that needs to be tested for possible aerosolization of biologicals, sensitive biological  detector or any project that requires precise aerosolization, detection or collection of a wide variety of biologic aerosols we can help.  We  can design custom protocols and construct specialized testing equipment customized for your project.

Items such as particle size, particle concentration, agglomeration of multiple viable biologicals or single organism can be controlled precisely.   Bioaerosol can be engineered and encapsulated to mimic typical human or other disease transmission routes alternatively it can be aerosolized unprotected.  Our expertise in the field of aerobiology is extensive and broad.   The collection of viable bioaerosols are accomplished using multiple techniques which are determined based on organisms, concentrations and many other factors.  Routing methods of collection involve impingers, viable impactors, filters and electrostatic collection devices. Aerosol Science is our specialty and only focus!

 If you have a project that involves biological aerosols or an application in the field in aerobiology we are the experts that you have been looking for.

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  • Surface and Contact Testing
  • All Bioaerosol Testing
  • Decontamination Testing
  • ASHRAE 241P Testing
  • AHAM AC-5 Testing
  • Aerosol Microbial Ingress Testing
  • Microbial Aerosol Challenge Testing
  • Disinfectant Validation Testing
  • EPA and FDA Aerosol Testing
  • Microbial Aerosol Generation Testing
  • Sterile Product Package Integrity Testing
  • Sterility Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Closure Testing
  • Simultaneous Surface and Aerosol Testing
  • Medical Device Testing
  • Bioaerosol Generation Testing
  • Hand Sanitizer Testing
  • Virucidal Efficacy Testing
  • Antimicrobial Fabric Testing
  • Antimicrobial Surface Testing
  • Antimicrobial Device Testing
  • Air Purifier Testing

Various Bioaerosols that can be used

Aerobiology projects encompass a multitude of  bioaerosols for broad agent testing and validation

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Plasmids
  • Spores (Mold and Bacteria)
  • Pollens and Allergens

Full Evaluation of Testing Performance

challenge bioaerosols: Bacteria, DNA & RNA viruses, molds, spore-forming organisms, pollen and more

Some of our Other Related Aerosol Services We Offer:

ARE Labs can provide custom pharmaceutical formulation development for optimal respiratory deposition of various API’s.  Whether it is a solution, suspension, or dry powder we can help.


ARE Labs can provide testing for your custom formulation in off-the-self and custom designed devices