ARE Labs Custom Aerosol Test Chamber

ARE Labs Inc. Custom Aerosol Test Chamber

Aerosol chamber testing is specifically designed for conducting large scale aerosol and vapor related studies.    The chamber is a sealed, HEPA filtered, stainless steel (10’x10’x8′) aerosol chamber with a displacement volume of approximately 700 cubic feet.  The chamber serves as primary containment for conducting aerosol chamber testing on biological and chemical aerosol programs.  The Aerosol Testing Chamber can also be configured as a secondary containment for added safety for hazardous aerosols.  The aerosol testing chamber is fully equipped with wet and dry powder aerosol generator, impinger and filter samplers, real-time particle size and concentration monitoring, temperature & humidity controls, fully configurable turnover rate and a hydrogen peroxide decontamination system.

Aerosol chamber testing at ARE Labs is unique, in that it is large enough to simulate a room sized environment, additionally objects such as furniture and equipment can be placed inside to simulate a hospital or any room environment with controlled room air changes.  The chambers unique design and features allows simultaneous surface decontamination testing and aerosol decontamination can be performed.  The system is also well suited for conducting point source aerosol and vapor detection, aerosol measurement, and collector evaluation studies, as well as surface decontamination studies for disinfectant lotions, gels, spray aerosols, and vapor disinfectants.

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Our Fully Configurable Aerosol Test Chamber can be Used to Test your System in a Simulated Room Environment with Chemical, Biological Aerosols and Vapors.

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Large Scale Aerosol Chamber

Testing for Decontamination Efficiency, PPE exposures, Man-in-box testing, Primary or Secondary containment

 Simulated Room Environment

 Real-time Particle Size Monitoring, Active Chemical and Biological Sampling

 Fully Contained, Sealed and HEPA Filtered

 Can Place Items for Simulated Room Environment Testing

Primary or Secondary Containment

Full configurable for your Specific Testing Requirements

Challenge bioaerosols: Chemicals, Bacteria, DNA & RNA viruses, molds, spore forming organism and more

Temperature and Humidity Controlled

Integrated Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination

Real-time Particle Sizer and Concentration Monitoring

Multiple Sampling Options

Liquid & Dry Powder Aerosol Generators

Low to High Concentrations

Clean Room Environments

Controlled Room Turnovers

Decontamination System Testing

Detector Triggering

Secondary Containment for Hazardous Aerosols

Filtration testing

Simulated Room Environment

Hospital Room Simulation

Ventilated mannequin (man in Box) Studies

Detection of Emitted Aerosols

Large System Aerosol Testing

Air Purifier Testing

Gas Detector Testing





Inert Materials



Chemical Aerosols & Vapor

Chemical Surrogates

Fluorescent Tracers

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