Decontamination Testing, Chemical and Biological Testing, Aerosol Chamber Testing & PPE Testing

Eye SpriralARE Labs specializes in biological aerosol testing and chemical aerosol testing and challenging for a multitude of different systems.  We offer a complete testing solution for your decontamination device, biological or chemical detector, PPE testing and other specialized chemical or biological aerosol programs.  Our GLP compliant laboratory can help with all aspects of bioaerosol decontamination testing for FDA 510(k), characterization studies or other custom projects.

Biological aerosols have been, and are increasingly becoming a concern in areas of hospitals and clinical environments, airplanes, residential homes and anywhere where communicable diseases can be transferred easily.  We have the facilities to validate your decontamination system against a wide variety of bioaerosol challenges such as:  vegetative bacteria, DNA & RNA viruses, mold spores, endospores (such as Bacillus), pollen and other allergens.  Our validation studies are without question the most comprehensive and accurate in the industry.  This comes from years of designing and testing custom exposure and testing systems that range from large scale devices designed and used at Dougway Proving Grounds to small scale and precise inhalation toxicity and vaccine efficacy studies.

We have a wide range of aerosolization and measurement techniques to quantify precise challenge, particle size, LOG reduction of viability and removal of particulates in flow systems or our custom stainless steel aerosol chamber.  Our team has extensive experience on a variety of biologicals  and chemicals programs (including BSL2 & BSL3 organisms and chem surety agents) for testing devices, disinfectants, sterilization and sanitization testing for the FDA, EPA or other governmental organizations.

Feel free to look at some our specific bioaerosol and chemical aerosol related services and please contact us to inquire about how we can help with your specific needs.  We thrive based on providing innovative solutions for our client’s specific needs.

Some of our Primary Biological and Chemical Testing Services